Monday, May 28, 2007

"Out of the Blue Mail Party" Challenge

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Want to do something fun?
I was feeling like sending a little piece of art to someone today, just for fun, when I had this, (totally unoriginal), idea, and it goes like this; I will select three artists and send them this post explaining that I'd like to send them a little piece of art for my "Out of the Blue Mail Party", (they can always refuse to give me their address - lol). They in turn would send out a piece, (all different or three of the same), to three artists, one being the original sender, and two new artists etc...and off course post everything to their respective blogs! (Does that make sense?)
There's no obligation on anyone's part to play - but if it goes really well, I'll ask Pokey Bolton, (Cloth Paper Scissors), if she would be interested in it for CPS.
If you're jazzed by the idea, don't wait to get asked, just go for it, and if you leave me a note with blog addy i'll keep track of you in case of a future article.
My three choices will be Calamity Kim, Art Junk Girl, and Pattie Mosca
oxooo Fun!


Pattie Mosca said...

Good Morning Bae...
Next time you play a game like this...OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I WANT TO PLAY....YES...I WANT TO PLAY...PICK ME!! PICK ME!! (tee-hee...big enough hint for you!!)
Hugs and Kisses!!

Deb Silva said...

YOU are so picked my lovely Pattie!!
I'd love to have you play - oxooo
Don't forget to post your results and links to your mail party buddys!

Ro Bruhn said...

Great idea Deb and a lovely piece of art

kimberly sherrod said...

ok, so, do I wait to pick my three or do I wait until I get something? Let's talk about yer rules- is it a surprise? Did you tell me your apron size? I am writing this down and you are on my list- my apron list! or would you rather have a doll quilt? I have been bombarded with emails after a post about my blog by Vicki at turkeyfeaters and then the apronista thing! Whew! where is the Ginko Balboa? that bird, woman! and I just robbed me some cock robin too!!!!!Yeehaw!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lia said...

Hi Deb! I've "tagged" my peoples and we all wanted to know timing for stuff and what to send. Do we wait to receive from partner and do we then send mail art type, like 4 x 4's, etc. Also, when to put on blog? Sorry for all the questions....let me know the specs when you can. xo
p.s. I tagged Mendy and Hope and Chrysti and they are going to play. ok, talk soon. I know that's one extra...more the merrier, right? Ok. I will put mine in mail soon.

Deb Silva said...

HI Everyone!!
Specs are - send ANY art size you feel moved to send - as soon as you want - and post to your blog before you send so we can all see what you've created for your mail party buddys!!
Sound good? ( you can also warn your mail-ee not to peek at your blog if she wants a surprise) oxooo

nici said...

Well shoot I am glad I read the comments here, lol! I was tagged by Pattie and am happily playing but am thinking Chrysti will turn down my invite now that I see she has been tagged! I am waiting to hear from Kelli Perkins, so now to find another player (Violette was too busy...)
My art for Pattie is on my blog for those who want a peek!

Chrysti said...

Since iw as asked twice -- i tagged 2 sets of people, I had enough pieces here to do so -- and this really, really lifted my spirits -- I'll blog about it, once i send the pieces and get confirmations on all those i asked :-)

Thanks Nici & Lia! And thanks to Deb for starting it!

Fiona said...

Can we just join in and name 3 people we wnat to send mail art to? Sound s like fun!

Kristen Robinson said...

This is such a wonderful idea I am so glad Marilyn told me about it and counted me in, will definitely link to this post if that is okay with you!


kimberlykwan said...

what a delightful idea!! :-)

Deb Silva said...

Thanks Kimberly! Glad you stopped by~