Sunday, July 08, 2007

7 Things that Rock!

Well - i'm starting a new meme - instead of "7 Random Things About Me" -
it's "7 Things That Rock!" (way more fun!)

1. Cheryl Prater's Blog ~

2. Teesha Moore's "Art and Life"

3. My sister Judy Perez


5. Blogs! Susan Tuttle has a fabulous list of links on her Blog.

6. Bird Art! I got some awesome little birds from Melissa McCobb Hubbell

7. HBO's "John from Cincinnati"

And I'm tagging Cheryl, Teesha, Judy, Susan and Melissa.
John from Cincinnati isn't available right now -


Cheryl Prater said...

I ranked higher than Judy? Whoa.

kimberly sherrod said...

Deb- Glad you broke out of the Hospital- I need your address! Can you please explain John from Cincinnati to me? I am lost! Actually I loved Deadwood and so I get it- but what a far out concept. John is an angel right? But why is the Dad levitating? Have you watched Flight of the Conchords at 10:30? It is so funny! I did Cheryl's 7 things- her blog does rock!

Deb Silva said...

Hey Kim!
I haven't quite figured out the levitation thing yet - lol
But Yeah, I think John is a Prophet, or an Angel and I agree~
Deadwood was fabulous, the best writing on TV -
I'll send my addy - big hug!

lia said...

Hi Deb! Glad you are home and back to tagging like this list of 7, good idea! Love this journal page too. Off I go to do my seven. hugs, Lia