Saturday, October 06, 2007

The Little Match Girl

I've been having a grand time decorating match books - I'm going to use them for stocking stuffers. As you can see I have way to many - so you can choose five for only ten dollars -
You can use the pay now button at right.
Let me know which ones you'd like by number -
1-5 down from the left. So the Circus pack is number 17 A, the Owl pack in the lower photo are number 6B .
The third photo is of the backs - they are just as cool on the back as on the front. Many have Yuzen paper, or authentic vintage match book covers.
P.S. - these are real match books with matches inside - let me know if you'd like them shipped without the matches.
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judy coates perez said...

these are so awesomely cute. I can tell you had fun making these.