Thursday, January 17, 2008

Ribbons, Lace and Tatting oh My!

As a person who adores vintage lace and tatting I was thrilled with Paula's Kit Club this month. The theme was sewing, and Paula went all out by including gorgeous vintage pieces, everything inside the box on the right, (including the exquisite lace on the lid and the buttons) are from this months kit, that just leaves the flowers that aren't - whew - that was long winded ~ lol
So - these boxes are just cigar boxes with fabric glued on using Sobo - They are fun to make and fun to stash ribbons and embroidery supplies in.


Susan Tuttle said...

So fun! I love stuff like this--I actually thought about decorating a baby wipes container last week, as it just looks so ugly--lol!

Happy New Year!


Deb Silva said...

Great idea!! I have one in my living room all the time with my two year old grandson living with us half-time. Maybe we should come up with a wipe cozy - lol
Happy New Year back at ya!

nicolafraser said...

Just popped over to say hi... love your purse, and yes.. I think the longer side adds character!

Deb Silva said...

Oh good, thank you!!