Thursday, April 17, 2008

More Fun Artist Photos

Deb, Laura and Judy in front of Laura's Quilt

Laura Wasilowski in her Art Fabrik Booth

And here is the Quilting Arts staff in their "Surviving the Runway" gear

Bernie Berlin, I love this woman, what a wonderful spirit!

Lynn Krawczyk, gorgeous work.

Frieda Anderson doing
her Open Studio.

The always smiling Bernie
LuminArte Primary Elements, they are brilliantly colored powders that you mix with different mediums, next on my wish list!

Tracy Stillwell of Artgirlz
Surviving the Runway

And Kelli working on her surviving
the runway creation


Bernie Berlin said...

Hey Deb!!!
I'm sorry I haven't been in touch sooner..
Life has been busy crazy with the animals and trying to keep up my art schedule.
I will be in touch soon:)
Thanks for the kind words, but I have to remember to suck in my gut, when you're taking pictures:) ((giggles)))
Your work is just beautiful, hope you'll be in my next book!!!

Deb Silva said...

Hi Sweetie!!
Good to hear from you~ and don't we all have to suck in the guts! Thanks for the compliment, I'd love to be in your next book - just let me know and I'm your girl.
Talk to you soon.