Friday, July 04, 2008

Altered Tees

I've been playing around with old Tee shirts, they are such fun to alter! The first one was a long sleeve slightly fitted tee that I cut the sleeves from, ending with a rolled and tied treatment. I have several more to go, and lots more ideas!
Is anyone interested in a Workshop on Tee Altering?? It would be for three different Tee treatments at a cost of $25. Let me know if you're in.
ALSO - re: the Renaissance Girl Challenge - we have a fantastic group of players! I'm very excited. The only guideline is a finish date for the end of August. Other that that you can go any size, or subject -the object being to work the piece with all of your different skills!


pattie said...

So I am leafing through my CPS issue know taking in the colors and inspiration before actually reading each article...
AND THERE YOU ARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Beautiful...beautiful colorful...ready to fly!!

Deb Silva said...

Thanks Pattie!!
love you!

Carol Sloan said...

Oops...did I miss the deadline?

Deb Silva said...

hey Carol,
I've extended the deadline, I need to send reminders to gals who signed up and we'll be back on track I think.
If you're done just send me a jpg. of your piece.

Carol Sloan said...

My email address is If you send anythig out, please include me! Thanks! Oh, what is the new deadline?